Friday, September 01, 2006

That's more wait and wait and wait...


Well, it's Merdeka Day, and I woke up at 11.30am. Brought grandma home. She was as whiny as ever... but she was still a nice grandma.. She was not able to walk now.. It was so sad for me to see her that way... and it makes me feel, how fragile would one get when he or she grow older? Sigh...

Was in MidValley around 2pm to meet C. I was stucked in the car park for like 20 minutes. I had to literally fight with people for the car park. And then there was the wait at the GSC line for like 1 hour... just to get the Snake on a Plane tickets for us. Well, as I guessed, C was late. C has to accompany the boyfriend for breakfast, and then to see fortune teller... We met around 3.20pm at Kim Gary. Was I angry? Was I pissed? Maybe... but I do think that nowadays I am more and more calm... and less over-reacting anymore... Well... if you see things openly, you will be more open in your mind and heart..

Snake on a Plane was quite good indeed.

Supposed to meet Leo and Pauline for tea... but then it turned out that the traffic scared a lot of people.. Went and meet Evon at her friends' barbeque dinner party instead..

At least we had a good chat at the dinner party...

The incident of the day: Fighting for car park at MidValley
The person of the day: My poor grandma (May God Bless You..)

The confession of the day: I do like C a lot. But the thing is, C has a boyfriend. But C still go out with me. What does it mean? That C is keeping the option open? Or C is using me? Or am I just imagining things? What if we are just platonic friends? Too many questions, to little answers...

That's the day Evon celebrates her birthday!


Yeah.. it was the day where we all celebrate Evon's birthday. Me, AD, Vance, Pui Gee, Pang (both are Evon's friends) and of course the birthday girl herself. A mixture of lawyers, marketers, and well.. engineer.

We had dinner at the restaurant (Italian) at One Bangsar. I can't recall the name... but the meat I was having was not that fantastic. The dessert was okey, I guessed. Oh yeah, Wai Meng called during the dinner, and told me about the 'misunderstanding' between her, Mewee and Kym. Hmm... I sometimes wonder, how would a few good friends (who knew each other for like 10 years) quarrel over insignificant things like that? There are no many 10 years in life... they should be actually cherish their friendship..

After dinner, we went over to Hilton, to the lobby bar for some drinks, with Evon's friends, and their friends. It was not a fabulous night to celebrate Malaysia's 49th Independence Day, but still... Evon was drunk and I was okey... just because I didn't drink much anyway...

Before that, during the day, I had a meeting with the team and boss. And my mind was sort of thinking "when is it ending?", as I have got a meet with the telco. The meeting adjourned around 4pm, and I was rushing to KLCC after that... Upon reaching KLCC, to my astonishment, my tyre got punctured. Well, the car wash company staff was kind enough to change it for me... despite the fact that I paid them RM30 for changing my punctured tyre.

The meeting with telco was fine I guessed.. Well, don't wanna think too much anymore.. whatever comes, comes...

Leaving KLCC was bad. The jam was horrendous. I was stucked in a 1.5 hours jam trying to get to Evon's place at Bukit Jalil.

Anyway, isn't that a good start to countdown to Merdeka? Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysia!

The traffic jam of the day: From KLCC to Bukit Jalil
The meal of the day: The nice desert (apple crumble) at the Italian Restaurant at One Bangsar

The confession of the day: Well, I am getting more and more confused with what I want anymore.. God, please give me a hint!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

That's when love is complicated!


Yesterday was sort of a mixed up day for me....

Well... To start it off... It was indeed a great work day.. as C came and look for me for lunch (despite the fact that C has eaten...). The fact that I was having lunch with C indeed brightened up my work day...

And I have also bought Evon's birthday present from Zara.. since today is here birthday. It was a pretty nice brown sexy top, which I think would be great for her.

Gym was well... gym... My PT told me that it would be his last day being my PT, as he has gotten a great offer as a law enforcer. Actually, it was indeed a good news.. for him at least. I saw his face, happy and bright and proud... I was happy for him, but sad for myself.. Come to think about it.. he has been a great PT that has 'shaped' me for the past 1 month, in which I did see some results.

I had dinner with Kay's friend Sam at a Bah Kut Teh place at PJ Old Town. Being a Klangites, the Bah Kut Teh there sucks like shit. Tasteless, and soup so unrich, making it one of the less memorable Bah Kut Teh experience for me. (and Sam was telling me that's the best Bah Kut Teh he has ever tasted... hmmm... I think he should go visit more nice food stalls around town!). Nevertheless, I did get to know more insights on Kay though from him...

AD called, and sounded sad, and to my astonishment, he told me that he has broke up with Fiona. Not that I and to a certain extend Evon ever think that they would last long, but I was never expecting it to be this fast... It was like two months or something... AD cited the reason that they parted was that she felt that he was quite 'controlling'. Knowing AD, he probably was.. at least to her...

Called Evon by 12.05am to wish her Happy Birthday... and we were having the same imagination.. that somebody would actually stand in front of her apartment at 12am holding a bunch of flowers waiting for her... She and I were laughing when we told each other about what we were thinking....

The meal of the day (not!): Bah Kut Teh at PJ Old Town
The news of the day: AD's breakup

The confession of the day: Well, love is something very complicated. Upon learning of AD's breakup, I was then thinking and reflecting about myself. Well, C was fantastic. C was my dream come true. And C was everything I wanted... or at least I thought I wanted. Somehow now I do not know whether is C still the perfect catch...

Oh yeah... have I told you that C is attached?

That's when I started the blog!


I have decided to publish a log... finally!

Yesterday, I went to gym after office, and were almost late... (no thanks to the traffic condition in KL). My PT was sort of in a rush, as he needed to cater to another trainee...

Later on, I went with Evon and her new found friend Vance to celebrate her new found job... and indulged in great Korean food at Sri Hartamas... Was having grilled beef and pork (very fattening... but what the heck... had to compensate the hard work and effort I put in gym earlier).

Finnegans was the next stop... and was happy that C joined us at the place... C had just finished a meeting and came straight to the place. It was nice of C to do that...

The phone call of the day: The one from the Telco

The news of the day: Evon's announcement
The meal of the day: Sri Hartamas Korean Food (the pork!)
The lesson of the day: Don't use short cut when you are rushing somewhere. It might not be as short as you think!

The confession of the day: Sometimes I do wonder was it a wise decision to give up my good life and come back here to good old Malaysia, and what would the outcome of this decision leads to. Hmmm.. things do happen for certain reasons, or rather that's what I think. Well, I shall see.